Workshop Presentations

WS1_French legislation in support of volunteers_A. Salvi

WS1_Legal support and obstacles for volunteering_Andy Jefferies

WS1_Volunteering as crowdsourcing for private land conservation_JoniVieira_Montis – LIFE ELCN

WS2_Giving responsibility is giving wings_EwoudLAmiral

WS2_Motivating and hindering factors for volunteers_SiimKuresoo

WS2_Volunteering in practice_IsmoMarttinen

WS3_10th anniversary of the database_KristijnSwinnen

WS3_Citizen Science in the South Pennines_ThomasAspinall

WS3_Euro Bird Portal_DaniVillero

WS4_Detecting the Small and Secretive_GDalley

WS4_Monitoring of wolves with volunteers in Slovenia_NinaRazen

WS4_Sturgeon Watchers in Ukraine_InnaHoch

WS5_Osprey protection in Poland_Lukasz Porebski

WS5_Volunteer activities after LIFE_ChristosGeorgiadis

WS5_Volunteering with the ESC for nature conservation_LuisJordao

WS6_Engaging young volunteers in choosing nature_GRegondi

WS6_LIFE Waders for Real_PaulStephens

WS6_Volunteer Student Placement_DavidTompkins

WS6_Young volunteers for monitoring forest biodiversity in the Italian Natura 2000 Network_Campanaro-Mason