F3 Elaboration of After-LIFE conservation plan

Foto: Marko Kohv

Photo: Marko Kohv

In order to ensure that project sites will be left for natural development there is a need to elaborate after-LIFE plan ensuring that there will be no further drainage activities. In addition, there is a need to monitor the conditions of dams and infilled ditches and assess if these are functioning properly. For this reason monitoring plan will be elaborated which is crucial element within After-LIFE plan. In addition, management plans for nature conservation areas should be amended if necessary.

Also the activities related to information dissemination and maintenance of information boards, LIFE trail, web sites and other learning materials (e.g. tablet computers) is considered as part of After-LIFE plan.

Developing the plan involves consultation with stakeholders and steering group. The activities will be coordinated by ELF and implemented in 2020.