Estonian Fund for Nature

ELFi logoEstonian Fund for Nature (EFN) is a conservation organisation founded in 1991 by naturalists and conservationists. Since its inception, the Estonian Fund for Nature has been standing for the biodiversity and preservation of the Estonian nature. The Estonian Fund for Nature has provided the impetus and support for creating national parks and preservation areas, and conducting wide-scale mappings of the gems of the Estonian nature. There are more than ten people working at the Estonian Fund for Nature full time, and many experts provide valuable help from time to time. The EFN cooperates with many international conservation organisations. Preserving the well-being of Estonian bogs is one of EFN’s focus subjects.

Working with the project:

  • Jüri-Ott Salm, PhD, project manager, e-mail:, mob. tel +372 5295933
  • Marko Kohv, PhD, expert on hydrology, restoration planning, monitoring. Responsible for actions A1, A2 and D1, e-mail:
  • Edgar Sepp, MsC, expert on monitoring and GIS, action D1 (work accomplished), e-mail:
  • Piret Pungas-Kohv, PhD, expert on environmental education. Responsible for action E3. E-mail:
  • Eerik Leibak, wetland expert, e-mail:
  • Mariliis Haljasorg, PR coordinator, e-mail:, tel  +372 5623 1633
  • Kadri Kalmus, book-keeper, e-mail:
  • Kadri Aller, conservation holidays/work camps, e-mail: