Estonia is celebrating World Wetlands Day and the 50th anniversary of the Ramsar Convention with 50 hikes

At the end of January and in the beginning of February, tour guides are organising a number of hikes in Estonia, many of which lead to internationally important wetlands, also known as Ramsar areas.

The hikes will mark Wetlands Day with the aim of highlighting the importance of these natural biotic communities for the environment, people’s everyday life and tourism alike. There are many mires, coastal seas, coastal meadows, rivers, lakes, flooded meadows and other wetlands in Estonia. They all provide a home to thousands of species. Wetlands also help clean the water, sequester carbon dioxide, alleviate floods, and offer other benefits.

World Wetlands Day on 2 February celebrates the international treaty for the protection of wetlands signed in 1971 in Ramsar, Iran. It was a historic moment, as such a global conservation treaty had never been signed before. This year, the Ramsar Convention turns 50, and this year’s World Wetlands Day is dedicated to clean water.

The organisation of the events of Wetlands Day is led by the Estonian Fund for Nature, the Estonian Nature Tourism Association, and the Environmental Board. Dozens of capable tour guides are responsible for organising the hikes. We kindly ask you to register for the hikes in advance, and follow the instructions of the Health Board.

Information about the hikes and how to register can be found here (in Estonian):