Archaeological survey plan compiled

An archaeological survey plan was compiled for restoration areas. For getting overview of the archaeological potential of the areas geographical and geological information was used together with distribution maps of known monuments were used. Of main interest were islamds of mineral soil, some of which had been islandson lakes thousands of years and others could have been used as hideouts and strongholds in later wetlands.

Altogether about 100 objects of interest were located.

In Soosaare restoration area 6 mineral islands and peat extraction area will be visited.

In Feodorisoo restoration area 10 interesting mineral islands were located, some of which had intersections with historical roads.

In Laukasoo area several mineral islands will be visited around tha area, most of them are close to Loobu river. Also there will be 4 places where soilworks will be carried out close to historical roads.

In Tudu and Sirtsi mires ca 25 interesting mineral islands were found and also several places where soilworks will be carried out close to historical roads. Both areas contain possible human constructed objects of archaeolical interest.

In Ohepalu area 15 places of interest were located.