Though we finished restoring mires as part of the LIFE project  ‘Conservation and Restoration of Mire Habitats’ (2015-2021) we now have new goals – Estonian Fund for Nature plans to restore drained wetlands in Pärnumaa and Alam-Pedja together with different partners. We plan to restore 3 areas (mires and wet forests in Kõrsa, Kikepera and […]

The handbook ’Restoration of Mire Habitats: Experiences from the Project ’Conservation and Restoration of Mire Habitats’ summarises the experience gained in the framework of the ‘Conservation and Restoration of Mire Habitats’ project and the methods used in planning and carrying out restoration work. The handbook provides an overview of species linked to mires and their […]

Restoring nature on land and sea would have huge benefits for people’s health and well-being and help tackle the biodiversity and climate crises. A  publication  launched today by WWF brings this to life through a collection of real-world examples. These stories will be given the spotlight later today at a  high-level virtual event  joined by Virginijus Sinkevičius, EU Commissioner for […]

At the end of January and in the beginning of February, tour guides are organising a number of hikes in Estonia, many of which lead to internationally important wetlands, also known as Ramsar areas. The hikes will mark Wetlands Day with the aim of highlighting the importance of these natural biotic communities for the environment, […]

The team of the LIFE Mires Estoniahas the pleasure and honour to report that the president of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid and her staff found an opportunity to visit the mires being restored on the initiative of the Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF), and the recently completed Tudu educational trail. If one were to set up […]